Corporate Social Responsability

Sustainable Production Policy

In Viyilant SRL, we firmly believe, that it is our responsibility , to take care of the environment. Everyone can help to reduce the impact of our activities in Nature and for this reasons, we have established the following guidelines.

  1. Selective waste collection. In Viyilant, since 2009, we have implemented selective collection of waste in our two factories, as well as the collection of batteries that are sent to be disposed of in secure landfills.
  2. Since 2005, our FLOAT SWITCH comply with EU 95/2002 norm , which restricts in electrical and electronic use of lead, hexavalent chromium, mercury, polychlorinated polybrominated diphenyl ethers and cadmium ethers.
  3. All materials used are recycled and reused in our plant in our production plan, those which cannot be recycled are sent to centers specializing in the field.
  4. 95% of lighting is CFL, and we plan to reach 98% in 2015
  5. In December 2014, our plastic packaging and cardboard boxes will include the legend and logo: recycled material.
  6. In our production process there are no effluents emission , oil and water circuits are closed to avoid waste and pollution. Oil is removed by a specialized company for reuse.


We believe that the best way to achieve a CSR Company, is to contribute with our community and make our best
effort to make it better.

  1. Viyilant believes that our Company is also a place of integration, nowadays 3% of our employees has special capabilities.
  2. Since 2009, we have been actively collaborating in collecting plastic caps for Garraham Hospital, and printer
    cartridges for Dial Foundation. With bi-monthly deliveries in each of them.
  3. We have organized solidarity campaigns such as “You have a book”. During the months of April, May and June
    2011, we gathered more than 1,000 books that were donated to the Maternal and Child Hospital Library “Vicente López y Planes” and cooperative school Baldomero Sommer National Hospital community both in General Rodriguez.
  4. We believe that education is the foundation of development, we support and actively encourage our employees to complete their secondary education.