Fish tape Polyester

Viyilant manufactures and exports its innovative polyester cable tie models more than 10 years ago offering a wide range of models for all types of professional installer solutions.


Level Indicator

According to suggestions received, the strip of leds has been renewed and the electronic circuit has been redesigned to give the signal greater range.


Children’s Day

Since 2012, as part of the company’s CSR policy, Viyilant organizes the celebration of Children’s Day in Mi Rincon neighborhood, in Gral. Rodríguez.

dia del niño

float switch neoprene

Level control of industrial liquids, with red Neoprene cable for better identification.

This cable extends the service life of both lines, as it has greater flexibility, is resistant to aggressive liquids and hard water and works best in low temperatures or extreme conditions of great turbulence.