The Company


To offer efficient solutions to our customers through manufacturing and marketing of level regulators and electrical products.


Viyilant SRL will be the most prestigious Argentine manufacturer of Liquid Level Regulators and Fish Tapes, with the largest local and international projection, due to its sustained growth, product quality and innovation, and, most of all, because of the human way it deals with its own business and projects.

VIYILANT SRL starts opertating in 1975, designing and manufacturating the first mechanical level regulator model TA. Nowadays we exports 52% of our production of FLOAT SWITCHES model TI, and 63% of the production of FISH TAPES AND INDUSTRIAL FISH TAPES, to 30 countries of America, Caribbean, Central America, Mexico, Europe, Africa and Asia.

TI model has the CE Mark to enter the European Market and is manufacturated according IEC Norms. As and additional service, we customize this model, with the Colours and logo and special packaging of our customers.

Another bussinnes unit are FISH TAPES, made in polypropilene, steel plastic, and NYLON, diameters 3 and 4 mm and FIBERGLASS INDUSTRIAL FISH TAPES, diameters 6 – 9 – 11 mm and lenghts 50-100-200-300 mts.

From its beginning, VIYILANT prioritized two aspects, firts the process and product quality and secondly the devoted assistance to our customers, assistance to our customers, Viyilant SRL, has been registered by UL Underwriter Laboratories , in the International Organization for Normalization, ISO 9000 Norms for Quality Registered by UL for ISO 9001.

VIYILANT has been continuosly presenting in National and International trade fairs , gaining an important brand positining and internationalizing its businness units to the 30 countries that we export.